Q: When and where is packet pickup?
A: Packet Pickup Details

Packet pickup will be available on both Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th of April. We are currently finalizing details on the location. However, it will be somewhere located strategically close to Gas Works Park. Our current plans are to host the PPU at a local lululemon store.

Q: Can a friend pickup my packet for me?
A: Yes they can. They just need to make sure and have a copy of your driver's license or a photo of it.
Q: It's says it's the Tenacious Ten - how tenacious is this course?  Are there a ton of hills?
A: The course around Lake Union is generally flat. It's definitely not the course which is tenacious. It's the runners who put the tenacity in the Tenacious Ten.
Q: When and where is the Kid's 1K Run? Can they still run if I'm running in the 10K or 10 Mile?
A: The Kids 1K will be at 10:30 AM at the finish line of the 10 Mile.
Q: Can I pickup my packet the day of the race?
A: Packet pickup is available the day of the race for those who paid the $15 fee with their registration. If you did not pay the additional $15 fee and are unable to pickup your packets prior to the race, please e-mail info@snohomishrunning.com. 
Q: Can someone else pick up my packet?
A: Yes, absolutely. However, they will need a copy of your Driver's License.
Q: Can I sign up day of race?
A: Day of race registration may be available if we are not sold out. Registration is limited to only 600 as long as we are still in Phase 2. We will increase to 900 if we are in phase 3.
Q: Where will we park?
A: There is plenty of parking near Gas Works Park. Parking is very limited at the Park. However, there is plenty of parking along North Northlake Way.
Q: Can I ride my bike to the race?
A: We will not have bike check available at the event this year. However, we highly suggest looking into LimeBike as an alternate mode of transportation. 
 Q: I registered awhile ago but haven't received any communication from you about the event?
A: We will send out the participant e-mail with all event details on the Tuesday prior to the race.  This will go over parking, race day schedule and more.  Please make sure to follow the Tenacious Ten on Facebook and also click that you are attending the Tenacious Ten Event Page on Facebook.  This is the best way to keep up to date will all pertinent race information.
Q: I wasn’t present to receive my award.  Can you  mail it to me?
A: You must be present to receive age group and overall winner awards.  If you are not present, you can come in and pick them up in person.  We do not mail out awards or t-shirts.
Q: What is a bib?
A: A bib is your race number.  You will wear it pinned to the front of your clothes on race day.
Q: I can’t do the race, but I’d like my shirt.  What should I do?  Can you mail it to me?
A: You, or a friend, should come to packet pickup or race day and pick up your shirt.  Shirts will not be mailed out or available for pickup after the race. 
Q: When does the course close?
A: This depends on how many runners we are allowed to have and if we have to do start 10 runners every 3 minutes. If that is the case then runners if you are in the last corral for the 10 mile event you will need to maintain a 15 minute per mile pace.
Q: We cross 2 draw bridges.  Will they go up during the event?
A: Participants will need to average a 11:00 Pace to be guaranteed to miss the draw bridges.
Q: Are walkers allowed?
A: Yes!  Walkers are allowed for the 10k.  Due to course limits for the 10 mile we suggest walkers keep to the 10K. 
Q: Do I get a finisher’s medal?
A: Yes!  Everyone will get a finisher’s medal.
Q: Will there be porta-potties at the start?
A: There will be porta-potties at the start/finish area along with 3 different locations on course.
Q: What will the weather be like?
A: Only time will tell, but the average high and low for Seattle in April is 60 degrees and 41 degrees, respectively.
Q: When does online registration close?
A: Online registration closes at midnight on the Thursday prior to the race.
Q: What is in my race packet?  What is packet pickup?
A: Your race packet will contain your bib, timing chip, and race shirt.
Q: Can someone else pick up my packet?
A: Yes, absolutely. However, they will need a copy of your Driver's License.
Q: Can I sign up day of race?
A: Day of race registration will be available IF the race has not sold out prior.  We encourage you to sign up online.
Q: Is there a gear check?
A: Yes!  However, you will need to bring your own Bag and we will provide you will a gear check tag.