2021 Update

IMPORTANT: Tenacious Ten Update – Please Read!

The Tenacious Ten 10K and 10 Mile running event has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 24th and will take place at Magnuson Park in Seattle. Currently, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to host more than 600 runners in a day. Also, current regulations do not allow Seattle Police Officers to work overtime, which means that we cannot close any roads or cross any major intersections. Current guidance within the City of Seattle still does not allow for events of more than five people. After speaking and working with the City and Parks Department, we have a high degree of confidence they will move their restrictions to mirror the Governor’s Guidance for outdoor run and ride events by July 24th. However, we doubt that we will be able to close roads or cross intersections. These are the reasons for the change in venue and date for the 2021 Tenacious Ten. We will move back to Gas Works Park and our traditional route around Lake Union in 2022.
Our primary purpose at Snohomish Running Company is to empower all runners and walkers of any ability to reach new goals and heights through a premium running experience before, during and after our events. We do not specialize in virtual events, and we take COVID-19 and the pandemic very seriously. We fully believe we all need to do everything we can to stay safe and healthy. We take extreme care and measures in our planning of events during this time to make sure all participants, volunteers, and employees are safe and feel comfortable. At the same time, we believe our mental, emotional, and physical health is also vitally important. Bridging the gap between extreme fear and reckless behavior has been a huge mission for us here at Snohomish Running Company. We can do some really cool and fun things even during a pandemic if we all care about the others around us and follow some simple rules. It turns out YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN…………….even during a pandemic. We are excited to see all of you at Magnuson Park on Saturday, July 24th. We have some fun and amazing plans for all of you.